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Find relief
from overwhelm

Lead a more fulfilling life with a physician coach who understands your struggles. Don’t navigate your journey
with cancer or severe illness alone.

Ways to work with me

I offer coaching for people affected by severe illness and coaching for caregivers and families. There is so much fear and uncertainty with severe illness or a diagnosis of cancer or life-threatening disease. You and your loved ones may be asking, “What now?” You may feel deep terror or grief about the future or need support in making tough treatment decisions.

Many people affected by illness have
a deep desire to live more intentionally

As an oncologist, I have cared for many patients and families facing a frightening or life-changing diagnosis. I understand the physical, mental, and emotional burdens of cancer diagnosis and treatment, the weight of caregiver stress, and how it feels to be uncertain about the future. As a parent and partner, I lost my spouse suddenly, so I relate deeply to those facing loss. I’ve done my own work with grief and loss.

I want to support you in finding peace for yourself and your loved ones so you can move forward and find more fulfillment in your daily life.

Working with a physician coach

I’m here to help you feel better. Working with me is different from working with your doctor or therapist. Whether you want a compassionate listener as you process challenging emotions or need strategies for making tough decisions (e.g., code status, treatment options, end-of-life planning, etc.), I bring a breadth of knowledge and understanding so you can talk it through without having to explain yourself.

I’m not here to tell you what to do or to provide medical care or advice but to support you in body, mind, and spirit. I take a holistic and comprehensive approach to well-being, and your needs and goals always drive our work. 

We focus on what matters most to you at every session.

Steps to take


Book a time for
your free consultation

Schedule an initial consultation which typically lasts 20-30 minutes and is always free.


Get a custom
coaching plan

I’ll create a custom coaching plan based on your priorities and goals.


Have someone to
support your growth

Experience the relief of having someone on your side, supporting your growth, and providing a compassionate and confidential sounding board.


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