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Enhance your
leadership role

Optimize work-life balance with healthcare
leadership coaching.

Find a path forward with leadership coaching

From new leaders looking for support to established leaders facing adversity or looking to develop themselves, find a path forward with leadership coaching. Busy leaders are often forced to sideline their own development and end up overworked and overwhelmed.

I’m here to coach with compassion and help you safely examine your struggles in a non-judgmental environment. As a physician who has been in many leadership roles, I provide empathic and experienced support.

Ways to work with me

I can help you clarify career goals, improve your work-life balance, and lead a more fulfilling life. I offer:

Empathetic and experienced support

Healthcare leaders face distinct challenges in their roles, such as building high-performance teams, managing conflict, navigating change, and honing skills and qualities in themselves and others. Leaders and executives often feel the burden of supporting organizational and team goals while trying to maintain satisfaction in their personal and professional lives. A confidential sounding board is essential for you to process challenges, acknowledge 

personal growth barriers, and explore dreams and goals in a supportive and safe environment. I have decades of experience as a healthcare leader, physician, and parent, so I understand the difficult decisions that come with these roles. Together, we can safely explore your questions, concerns, and goals so you can work toward living with intention while building a life and career you love.

You may benefit from
leadership coaching if you:

  • Are a new or emerging leader struggling to feel confident in your recent role
  • Want to advance your career but feel overlooked or passed over for leadership roles
  • Want to make your work life more manageable or improve personal relationships with a better work-life balance
  • Feel stuck or stagnant in your current role, are considering a mid-career change, or need support with making an important decision in your career or personal life
  • Want to make a difference but feel disconnected from your coworkers or team and need a safe space to explore these challenges

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