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Optimize team
and achieve goals

Coaching and consulting for your healthcare organization.

How I can help

As an experienced leadership coach, consultant, and physician, I can help your organization:

  • Enhance harmony and overcome conflict
  • Empower leaders to lead high-performing teams
  • Increase employee retention and satisfaction
  • Improve team performance and collaboration
  • Navigate new program development
  • Create meaningful change that drives lasting success

“As a healthcare leader, I was known for my ability to build diverse teams of individuals who felt empowered to play key roles in moving projects and initiatives forward. I combine this rich experience with leadership coaching and consulting to support individual and organizational success.”

 -Jamie Renbarger, MD, MS

Services that support individual and team transformation


Organization-sponsored healthcare leadership coaching helps leaders become high achievers, enhances employee satisfaction, and supports organizational goals. As a physician who has led high-performing teams, I provide empathic and experienced support to help leaders improve efficiency, hone leadership skills, and transform teams.

Building strong leaders promotes long-term individual and organizational success.

Team development
and coaching

With extensive experience building and restructuring organizational teams, I understand the barriers teams face when they have different priorities or struggle to work cohesively for the greater good. I facilitate constructive conversations among team members to help them work more effectively and harmoniously to achieve organizational objectives.

I encourage leaders and groups to co-create common goals, plan strategically to prevent friction and move forward more efficiently.

Consulting to support organizational goals

I have built and led teams through new program development, restructuring, and team merging or consolidation. Organizations face unique challenges when they lose a strong leader or have multiple leaders with different agendas or goals. I work with healthcare leaders and teams to help orient them toward shared goals so they feel invested in organizational objectives. I’ll evaluate current team and leader dynamics, identify gaps, or flag missed opportunities.

You get expert input on methods that enhance efficiency, improve team performance, and ensure organizational success.

Retreat planning
and facilitation

I assist organizations in creating a successful retreat experience that brings team members together and reinforces positive team dynamics. My guidance on best practices for success is based on a long career fostering team development and relationship-building. I facilitate retreats in a variety of locations–from onsite to wilderness experiences.

Experience retreat facilitation that encourages individuals to speak up, support each other, and be more open to their team members’ views and ideas.

Your healthcare organization may benefit from coaching and consulting if you:

  • Want to develop or build a new program, face significant restructuring, or need to consolidate teams while minimizing employee frustration and turnover.
  • Need to support and develop strong leaders and build high-performing teams to optimize efficiency.
  • Struggle to grow or succeed as a team or organization due to strained relationships between individuals or teams.
  • Have leaders or teams whose goals are not aligned with the organization or are resistant to change.
  • Need guidance in finding barriers or gaps that prevent you from meeting organizational goals or benchmarks.

Steps to take


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Develop an
action plan

Work together to determine services that best support your
team and develop a plan of action.


Help your
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Watch your team transform
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