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Jamie Renbarger

I am a Gestalt-certified coach and physician providing professional coaching and consulting for individuals, teams, and healthcare organizations.

My approach

My approach is grounded in deep experience as a physician, leader, and non-profit founder and my commitment to whole-person wellness. I have extensive experience coaching and mentoring individuals through professional and personal transitions. I have also navigated many leadership roles and supported teams through organizational transformation and significant challenges as well as experienced mid-career change, burnout, and personal loss.

Support for physicians, leaders, and helpers from someone who's been there.

I’m here to help you build awareness that supports your personal and professional growth. I support healthcare professionals and executive leaders to develop professional and personal visions and plans as well as develop themselves to support their successes and achieve balance in their lives. I help physicians, healthcare leaders, and other helping professionals enhance their lives as we work to build resilience, overcome burnout, and improve work-life balance.

I spent most of my career in leadership roles. As a physician, researcher, and single mom, I developed new programs, completed strategic planning, recruited faculty and staff, and supported successful teams in an ever-changing healthcare environment. As a leader, I emphasized mentoring and supporting new staff to help them shape careers they felt good about.

As a coach, I emphasize finding balance and success in all aspects of your life.

Compassionate coaching for individuals and families asking, "What now?"

I work with individuals and families facing life-threatening illnesses, providing a safe space for you to process difficult emotions and navigate decision-making. As an oncologist, I understand the unique challenges of a cancer diagnosis and severe illness, and I’m passionate about helping you and your loved ones find healing and live fulfilling lives.

I lost my spouse suddenly when my children were young, and I understand the big questions that illness and loss often generate: “Why am I here? How do I want to live the rest of my life?” Tackling these complex questions is the most meaningful part of my work. I have done this work myself and supported others going through it.
I want to help you live your best life.


Often, you may be re-evaluating both work and personal aspects of your life; we work on whatever comes up for you. We’ll tackle these challenging questions together to help you live with intention.

Recently I began co-hosting a podcast, Beyond Resilience, that serves as a companion and guide to help others prevent cancer, manage a cancer diagnosis, and navigate cancer survivorship. 

In addition, I have significant experience working with individuals representing marginalized populations, particularly the LGBTQAI+ population.

I am a Gestalt-certified coach and physician with 30 years of experience:

  • as a physician caring for complex patients and their families
  • as an institutional leader and researcher building, bringing together, and empowering individuals and diverse teams working on complex initiatives
  • as a university professor teaching, mentoring, and coaching trainees and students toward successful lives and careers
  • as an innovative non-profit wellness center founder supporting individuals with life-threatening illnesses and their families to live fulfilling lives

Education, Experience, and Training

I have received extensive training in leadership, coaching, and consulting. I am a Gestalt-certified coach through the Gestalt International Study Center and have completed additional training at the Indianapolis Gestalt Institute. I received my medical degree from St. Louis University.

I completed post-graduate training at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital. I received a Master of Science in Clinical Investigation at Indiana University School of Medicine. I also completed several advanced leadership, mentorship, coaching, and diversity training programs.

My personal why

I have been fortunate to have had a rich, fulfilling career journey with great success across my diverse areas of interest (in patient care, research, education, leadership and business development). As I did my own personal work and contemplated my life, I realized that the unifying theme across the things I have done is that I love to find ways to improve things and solve problems–and most of all to support and empower people to live their best lives, fully and intentionally doing things that they are passionate about.

I embarked on my work as a coach and consultant to bring together my experience and my passion specifically to be able to dedicate myself to supporting people to have fulfilling and successful lives and healthcare organizations to be successful in supporting human beings.


Indianapolis, IN & Virtual Visits


(317) 402-2634