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Jumpstart your journey toward meaningful change

Work with Dr. Jamie Renbarger, an experienced physician, coach and healthcare consultant.

I provide professional coaching
and consulting to help:

Physicians &
Healthcare Workers

to find meaning and purpose in their work and overcome burnout.

People & Families
Affected by Illness
to find relief from overwhelm and live fuller and healthier lives.
Leaders &
Emerging Leaders

to hone their skills, lead more effectively, and find work-life balance.


define strategic goals, navigate change, enhance efficiency, build stronger teams, and overcome conflict.

While I specialize in healthcare and leadership coaching, my diverse experiences can help support anyone facing significant life challenges or searching for deeper meaning in their daily life. Schedule a free consultation so you can ask questions, learn more about coaching, and find out if I’m a good fit for you.

Learn more about
Jamie Renbarger, MD, MS

Hello! I’m Jamie Renbarger and I am a Gestalt-certified coach and physician providing professional coaching and consulting for individuals, teams, and healthcare organizations.

My approach is grounded in deep experience as a physician, leader, and non-profit founder and my commitment to whole-person wellness. I have extensive experience coaching and mentoring individuals through professional and personal transitions. I have also navigated many leadership roles and supported teams through organizational transformation and significant challenges as well as experienced mid-career change, burnout, and personal loss.

Finding balance and success in all aspects of your life

I’m here to help you build awareness that supports your personal and professional growth. I support healthcare professionals and executive leaders to develop professional and personal visions and plans as well as develop themselves to support their successes and achieve balance in their lives. I help physicians, healthcare leaders, and other helping professionals enhance their lives as we work to build resilience, overcome burnout, and improve work-life balance.

I spent most of my career in leadership roles. As a physician, researcher, and single mom, I developed new programs, completed strategic planning, recruited faculty and staff, and supported successful teams in an ever-changing healthcare environment. As a leader, I emphasized mentoring and supporting new staff to help them shape careers they felt good about. As a coach, I emphasize finding balance and success in all aspects of your life.

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